Sunday, December 1, 2013

Breezer Catch the Flavour - Cranberry !!!

Come Let's #CatchTheFlavour

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Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Platinum Day of Love !!!

To begin with I will start of by explaining what actually is Platinum. Platinum is one of the rarest of elements of Earth which exhibits a remarkable resistance to corrosion, even at high temperatures, and as such is considered a noble metal. More over even if it reacts it is not as toxic as some metals.

Platinum in natural form
In a similar way a person starts his relation life with a view that he finds his Platinum. Some people find it in love marriages and some find it in arrange marriages.

Our's was a arrange marriage. Initial hic-up's when you try to know each other is the most wonderful days of life. Days passed by and we began to know each other. My wife is a working lady. One day around 12 in the noon I received a call from her that she was not feeling well and was having severe pain in her abdomen and she had left from the office in a cab for the hospital. 

I rushed to the hospital before she arrived, checked out all the available appointments for the doctor and arranged appropriate appointments. She arrived, and I could see her pain. Rushed her to the doctor and after doctor attended her, she was relaxed a bit. I sat next to her and she said "You relax" and I said "Now I am relaxed as you are all fine". It was a day a moment when we felt that our Love has grown stronger day by day and that was our -

an intimate and momentous date in a our journey of love when we discovered real love that can only begin, never end".

This is my entry for the Platinum Day of Love contest on IndiBlogger !!!!

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Dream Vacation : Dubai !!! ("Creating Happy Travellers!" contest)

Dubai, one of the most beautiful destinations of the World. 

Have a Dream to take my family to Dubai for a fun filled adventerous travel trip. You have so much to do in Dubai that no other place would ever offer.

Things I would like do in Dubai :

1. Visit malls for shopping

Dubai Mall with Burj Khalifa

Mall of Emirates with Ski Dubai

 2. Dinner and ride on Dhow Cruise

Dhow Cruise

3. Walk through the Old Dubai and Gold Souk

Gold Souk

Other than the routine trip, Dubai also has some of the Luxurious Hotels to Visit and many adventerous activities
Sky Diving over Palm Isands

Burj al Arab
Desert Safari
Scuba Diving

Dubai, A Place On Earth Where Life Is Full Of Surprises 

This is my entry for the "Creating Happy Travellers!" (#HappyTravellers Contest) contest by Indibloggers and

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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Life of Mumbai !!!

Other then the local train, The life support of Mumbai......

"Speedy Auto"

Lonely Soul !!!

So many people around you, still you are a "Lonely Soul"

Out of Focus !!!

Sometimes it does happen we don't see what we want to see. Many things which we want to see are

"Out of Focus"

Friday, July 26, 2013

Friendship......Lifetime Bond !!! (Part 2)

A boy who has always been a sort of introvert during his school days, i.e, he never went out on parties, school picnics with his friends suddenly finds himself in a place where he is all by himself without his parents, relatives and school friends.

He was at the University for his higher studies. After schooling and having qualified the entrance exams, he moved into one of the oldest and most prestigious Universities of India. He had given it all to qualify for the all India ranked examinations and was quite full of joy to get through the exam. But he never knew what was to come his way.

It was the first time that he was away from people he knew. The excitement of handling everything by himself, sometimes did convert into fear that how he would handle everything by himself. With the initial trouble of getting a hostel room allotted he finally settles down in a new place.

But for a person who has never been all by himself it was hard to adjust.

One Sunday he heard one of his batch mate who was sitting with other hostel students in the adjacent room. The boy feeling lonely went to his batch mate room and sat to talk with them. The batch mate saw that although the boy was with him in his room chatting but he seemed to be distracted and was sad. The batch mate took out his guitar and started playing tunes on it.

After 15 minutes they all, including the boy, were singing and having fun. When every body left the batch mate came forward to the boy and said

"We all are here with you, so don't feel lonely". 

They both are now friends for life.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Friendship......Lifetime Bond !!!

It's one of a situation when you are surprised by an unexpected gesture by a friend.

There was a boy and his friend, both of them were childhood friends. They started their schooling together and even their parents are like families. But still friendship between the two is the bond which they share.

The boy although considered him (the friend) as his best friend, but some where had a feeling that he might loose his friend in the crowd. This was the same with the friend. And hence, they never expressed themselves.

Time passed by and they both moved to different places to settle in their in life.

Once it happened that the boy was on a official trip and he had to transit through a city nearby to his friends city. He gave a random call to his friend if he would be free to meet him and catch old times. The friend agreed.

On the day, the boy was eagerly waiting to meet his friend when he saw his friend with luggage in his hand. His friend on asking told him that he was too scheduled to go the same city where the boy was supposed to go and as he had to meet him (the boy) as well so he rescheduled his flights from the boy's transit city rather than to travel from his own city.

This was the moment of the unexpected surprise and all this made the boy as well as the friend realize how deep their friendship was, that even though they are away they still have great regards for each other.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Experiment with iOS 7 beta

A lot has been said by apple about their upcoming iOS, ios7, which is to be launched somewhere around in end of September or early October.

Being one of the techno geeks I tried to give a shot a try out iOS 7 beta on my iPhone 4 before the launch of original iOS.
Went on the google and searched how to download iOS 7 beta. 

I found that it can be downloaded only by the developers registered on apple.

But on further search I did found out the way which allowed non registered people to get a feel of iOS 7. 

Once you follow the process mentioned you can easily download the iOS. It went smooth. I liked the interface, the new icons, and the new way iPhone looked. Each and every change that they had made in the iOS is worth appreciating. After a day of experiment I found that my iPhone 4 went blank after every 15-20 minutes and I had to do a hard reset to get my phone working. Finally I was so fed by this bug that I went back and downgraded my phone to iOS 6. 

An eventful day of experiment can to an end and I kept remembering the statement written from where I downloaded iOS 7 - 

"iOS 7 beta is still a beta and not the original, so better wait for the original than to waste time on beta."

I thing is for sure and is to be learnt is "Patience pays, so be patient."

Monday, July 15, 2013

Stranger !!!

It was one of those Monsoon evenings when rain had stopped and with less of humidity, cool breeze was blowing around. I along with one of my friend went on for a walk in a nearby area.

Enjoying the cool breeze we both talking about the people around and the beauty of nature walked by the area where road had become undulated due to rain. As we passed we saw a person, of around 40 years, riding on his scooter suddenly lost his balance because of the a street dog and fell on the road. His helmet went flying and his head hit straight in the ground.

People gathered around. Initially no body even wanted to lift him up and see how he is. Then a person on a bike stopped came toward him picked him up, stopped auto and made him sit in it. What to say about others not even the auto wala was ready to take him to hospital, fearing he might get changed of hitting. The person on the bike asked if someone would accompany the man to hospital as he was unconscious, but no one steeped up. 

Leaving everything we had planned, me an my friend sat in the auto and took the aged man to hospital. We found his mobile and contacted his family. The doctor did his bit of dressing, and in few minutes one of the relative arrived. 

The aged man did not had much of injury but the incident did made us realize 

"How society runs away from its responsibilities".

Photography Competition (World Environment Day-2012)

World Environment Day ('WED') is celebrated every year on 5 June to raise global awareness of the need to take positive environmental action. For me the most memorable was the World Environment Day-2012 and the theme was 

Green Economy: Does it include you ?

A nature photography competition was organised in our office. The moment I saw the competition announcement, I thought "Photography, hmm even thought its not my cup of tea, lets give it a try. What do I have to loose in it ?"

And my search began to get a click which I could submit. I went for a drive to Lonavla on a Rainy Day, so that I could capture the beauty of the Nature. But in vain. It was too rainy that I could possibly get any of the clear pic for the competition. 

On the way back to home, I took a new road, what did I see is a yellow Tata Nano standing at the side of the road. It was raining a little less now. I took a snap which I thought would serve my purpose. I submitted the same with a beautiful caption on Industrialization effecting our Nature. 

To my and to my friends surprise that pic won a consolation prize. This motivated me to take a route towards taking up photography as a hobby. So the gist is 

"Never Fear to try out New Venture. You never know which may lead you to Success."

Is India Really A Secular Nation ?

What is Secularism ?
              Secularism is the principle of separation of government institutions, and the persons mandated to represent the State, from religious institutions and regions dignitaries.

 India is a secular country as per the declaration in the Preamble to the Indian Constitution. It prohibits discrimination against members of a particular religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth.

But the question arises here, Is India Really A Secular Nation ?

This can be a debatable topic and many people might have their own reasons for it. I will touch just a few visible evidences which make me ask this question again and again.

Still in our day to day life we see discrimination against members of a particular religion, race, caste, sex or place of birth. I will quote an example for each case.

Religion / Race / Caste : Much can be said on this but a simple example would be Marriage. People of India although have become so called modern still deep down when it comes to marriage the mentioned 3 aspects hinder their modern thought process.

Sex (Male / Female) : We say we have moved out of the tribes / villages and we are following western civilization where females are equal to males. I do agree that females are given proper education and they do jobs as well, But there is still discrimination seen where girls being highly / more educated are not given right place / position in the so called modern corporate working organisation. Even in 21st century we females being abused / harassed in the offices. Where is the equality ??

Now is the time to take a call and to make India a Real Secular Nation !!!

Friday, July 12, 2013

Life has transformed from past to the present !!!

Life in old times was filled with hardship. Not much of industrialisation, not much of technology and hence people had to work themselves through the most tiring times. Well it had its own advantages and disadvantages. You had no means of fast communication, most people were farmers who worked day - night in their farms to earn money for their living. People were ground to earth, stayed near their relatives / family and people were content / satisfied with what they had.

With growing times and with boom in industrialisation people started to move out of their villages. The erg to learn and the curiosity to gain more knowledge led them towards modern civilisation, which few refer to western civilisation. Life changed and they moved from place to place for more and more.

One can understand the growth, knowledge and curiosity but looking from the other angle, they moved from their houses which they call "Home" to "Rented Apartment". Even though they have mobiles and Internet for communication still they are far away from their family. And not to forget Moral Values, which has been lost or has now been covered by the dust of time. 

People were more emotional before and now what we see around are people who are practical enough to think about only themselves.

Is this the modern culture we wan't to be with ??